Providing Local Industries with Motorola Two-Way Radios in Florida

Why go anywhere else for your two-way radio needs in Florida? EMCI Wireless is the leading provider of Motorola Solutions products and services based in Central and South Florida. The EMCI Wireless team works with public safety, construction, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, and other types of industries. EMCI Wireless is your go-to choice for LMR communications equipment and LTE radios.

Our Best Selling Products and Services

Portable Radios

See the latest analog and digital radios from Motorola Solutions. Ask for a demo today.

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Mobile Radios

Check out the latest digital mobile radios with GPS tracking and text messaging.

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Equipment Repair

We have factory Motorola Solutions trained technicians with the latest test equipment.

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Public Safety

We work closely with Police, Fire and EMS to provide mission critical communications solutions.

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FCC Licensing

EMCI Wireless can assist you with new applications, renewals, relocations and modifications.

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Our enhanced two-way radios support GPS tracking, email, test messaging and man-down alerts.

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Improved Audio Quality

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Better Battery Life

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Data Applications

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Better Coverage

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No matter how big or small your organization is, effective communication is key. It ensures your operations run with ease. EMCI Wireless has you covered as the largest communications solutions provider for Motorola Solutions products located in the state of Florida. Our digital technology options ensure your team can always communicate. These solutions also improve your guest experience, increase your team's productivity, safety, and security, as well as boost employee morale as they communicate with ease.

Reach out to a representative at EMCI Wireless today! We're ready to discuss the communication needs for your agency.

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EMCI Wireless Serves Many Industries

EMCI Wireless provides communications products and services to state and local government agencies and commercial markets.
Some of the industries we work with include:

Construction Solutions


Construction sites can be massive. Communicating quickly is essential to safety and productivity. These solutions ensure there are no mistakes or miscommunications on the job. We provide communications services to the following areas:

  • Residential construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Industrial construction

Our innovative communications solutions will help your crew members communicate. The transition to digital technology ensures your crew members can stay connected. Our cost-effective Motorola radios guarantee flawless communication. Professional and commercial-grade radios can be combined with LTE radios to provide licensed and dedicated communication for all construction sites.

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Being able to communicate is vital in the healthcare industry. Healthcare workers need to care for their patients. They also need to protect visitors, staff, and other individuals from outside threats. Our LMR and LTE push to talk radios are a must-have for the healthcare field. Our radios will enable you to improve your emergency and everyday communications. We can build your private communications network to always be available when you need it most.

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Healthcare Solutions
Hospitality Solutions

Hospitality & Entertainment

Delivering exceptional experiences for your guests are an important facet of any business. It's vital for the hospitality and entertainment industries. Connecting your workforce with seamless communication devices helps make that happen. Instant voice communication helps deliver a high-quality customer experience. Two-way radios are the top choice for voice and data communications. If you work in the hospitality and entertainment industries, our solutions are absolutely operations critical and are far superior to landlines, smartphones, or other communication devices.

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Public Safety

EMCI Wireless is the largest Motorola Solutions Manufacturer's Representative (MR) based in the state of Florida. Covering over two-thirds of the state's population as the dedicated mission-critical Public Safety representatives on behalf of Motorola Solutions, the EMCI Wireless team is trusted by Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, Emergency Services, Emergency Management, and Education departments throughout Florida to help those entities be their best in the moments that matter most!

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Public Safety Solutions
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