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Real Estate

Walkie-Talkie Florida Real Estate Industry

EMCI Wireless Provides Two-Way Radio Solutions for Real Estate Companies in Florida

Motorola Solutions’ comprehensive suite of radio and communication products for the real estate industry offers a transformative solution that enhances security, facilitates efficient operations, and fosters seamless coordination across diverse properties. These products serve as an essential communication backbone that empowers real estate professionals, property managers, and security teams to ensure a safe and well-managed environment for occupants and visitors.

Consider a scenario within a bustling commercial office complex where property managers oversee the day-to-day operations of multiple buildings. Motorola Solutions’ radio and communication products enable real-time communication among property managers, maintenance teams, and security personnel. In case of a maintenance issue, such as a malfunctioning elevator, staff can swiftly communicate to coordinate repairs and keep tenants informed. This efficient communication minimizes disruptions, upholds tenant satisfaction, and contributes to the overall value of the property.

For security teams, these products play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of occupants and assets. Security personnel equipped with two-way radios can instantly communicate and coordinate responses to emergencies, unauthorized access, or suspicious activities. In the event of a fire alarm or evacuation, real-time communication enables security teams to guide occupants to safety and provide updates to emergency services.

In a residential real estate context, Motorola Solutions’ communication solutions enhance the quality of property management services. Property managers can use radios to stay in constant contact with building staff, addressing tenant requests for repairs or assistance promptly. Efficient communication streamlines maintenance tasks and enhances tenant satisfaction, ultimately contributing to tenant retention and positive reviews.

Real estate agents can also benefit from Motorola’s products during property tours and showings. Agents can use radios to communicate discreetly with team members or relay important information about the property to potential buyers. This enhances the customer experience and enables real estate agents to provide a seamless and professional service.

Motorola Solutions’ products can integrate with IoT-enabled devices to enhance real estate operations further. Smart sensors can monitor energy consumption, occupancy levels, and security systems, providing valuable data to property managers for optimizing resource allocation and improving tenant comfort.

Motorola Solutions’ radio and communication products offer a transformative use case for Real Estate, facilitating seamless communication, enhancing security protocols, and optimizing property management operations. By providing real-time collaboration, IoT integration, and a reliable communication infrastructure, these products empower real estate professionals to provide exceptional services, enhance tenant satisfaction, and ensure the safety and well-being of occupants in diverse real estate settings.

FeaturedProducts for Real Estate

Motorola SL3500e

With its slim, lightweight design, the MOTOTRBO SL3500e portable two-way radio is stylish and discreet. It blends seamlessly with professional attire, allowing you to move freely. At the same time, it’s durable and built to last.

Get quick access to key radio functions along with information at a glance. Connect discreetly to Bluetooth® earpieces and sensors. Access Wi-Fi networks for over-the-air software updates. And use the SL3500e on trunking systems that support both data and voice.

Learn more about the MOTOTRBO SL3500e.

Motorola SL300

Experience seamless communication with the Motorola SL300 radio – a compact yet robust solution designed to transform how teams connect and collaborate. With its sleek form factor and advanced features, the SL300 empowers professionals across diverse industries, from hospitality and retail to construction and security. Offering crystal-clear audio and reliable coverage, this radio ensures efficient coordination and swift response times, making it an indispensable tool for optimizing operations and enhancing safety.

Learn more about the Motorola SL300.

Motorola CP100d

The MOTOTRBO CP100d – a versatile and dependable communication solution designed to elevate connectivity in various industries. With its compact design and powerful features, the CP100d offers clear and efficient communication, making it an essential tool for enhancing collaboration and productivity in a wide range of professional settings. Whether in hospitality, retail, manufacturing, or beyond, the CP100d delivers reliable performance to keep teams connected and operations running smoothly.

WAVE PTX™ Push-To-Talk Service


Connect with your field team effortlessly, regardless of the device or location, courtesy of WAVE PTX™. WAVE PTX empowers you to utilize your existing assets to communicate with staff on their own devices. Offered in both on-premise and cloud-based iterations, WAVE PTX widens the scope of your radio system to include those who might not carry radios. Whether stationed in the office, on the field, or attending a conference miles apart, WAVE PTX ensures your team is perpetually within a “push” of communication.

Motorola TLK 100

Boosting efficiency with a nationwide push-to-talk network that drives rapid push-to-talk configuration and call initiation by merging a nationwide cellular network with the simplicity of two-way radio communication, the WAVE TLK 100 two-way radio quickly establishes seamless connectivity for your team so you can connect anywhere, anytime.

Motorola TLK 110

Combining the versatility of broadband push-to-talk communication with the dependability of a robust, purpose-designed radio, the TLK 110 offers a powerful solution. Effortlessly managing devices, the TLK 110 can be configured for flawless operations, elevating your business to a state of heightened safety, intelligence, and enhanced connectivity.

Motorola TLK 150

Exceeding the reliability, efficiency, and user-friendly design, the TLK 150 encompasses all the qualities you value in a two-way radio – and beyond. Created for commercial applications and fleets utilizing in-vehicle communication to help users comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations for driver distractions. These mobile radios seamlessly connect nationwide, delivering immediate connection for better results.

Surveillance Systems

Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions Company

Elevate your facilities’ security measures with the comprehensive range of Avigilon solutions. Seamlessly integrating Avigilon surveillance cameras, the Avigilon Control Center™ (ACC) video management software, and the Avigilon Access Control Manager™ (ACM) system, we present a holistic security solution tailored for your facility.

Avigilon’s advanced cameras, enriched with self-learning video analytics, possess the capability to discern human and vehicular movements while filtering out irrelevant activities within a scene. This ensures that only pertinent events capture attention. For instance, when a visitor enters a restricted area, an automatic alarm notification is triggered within ACC™, allowing operators to focus on critical events.

In scenarios demanding the location of a specific individual, Avigilon Appearance Search™ empowers operators to swiftly pinpoint the required information. Through our integrated suite, Avigilon establishes a secure environment that’s vigilant, intelligent, and responsive, safeguarding the healthcare landscape with unrivaled effectiveness.

Communication Solutions for Your Industry

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