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Solving for safer

Motorola Solutions is Solving for safer

Safety & Security Ecosystem

Motorola Solutions Solving for Safer

Motorola Solutions builds and connects technologies to help protect people, property, and places. Our solutions enable the collaboration critical for a proactive approach to safety and security.

Motorola Solutions believes that safety, efficiency, and productivity are deeply interrelated. That the technologies that make us safer can also make us better at everything they do. MSI made that vision real by creating the first ecosystem to unify the technologies that keep us safe on one single platform — voice, video, data, and analytics. Creating solutions that address the industry challenges of today with an eye toward the future.

How we do it

Today, we make critical communications devices and networks that perform exceptionally in the harshest conditions and are proven to help teams stay connected and communicate with clarity. We design video security systems powered by responsibly-built artificial intelligence (AI) analytics that can alert people when action is needed, focusing human attention to cover more ground and act with more certainty. We bring voice, video and data feeds into the operations center, connecting the dots to simplify workflows and help provide the overarching perspective to make decisions with greater focus, accuracy and speed. And, because partnership is tantamount to success, we provide managed and support services with an ‘alwayson’ rigor to keep your technology secure, optimized and current with innovative advancements for confident operational performance.

The power of the technology ecosystem

With safety and security at its core, our technology ecosystem is a powerful collection of voice, video, and data that provides immediate situational awareness, coordinated collaboration, and improved performance. Critical information is seamlessly delivered to individuals exactly when and how they need it. This creates a sense of trust and safety that allows communities and organizations to thrive. Grounded in almost 100 years of close customer and community collaboration, our ecosystem is built to evolve and scale effortlessly.


Overseeing the widespread and diverse areas and sensors of your facility can be a challenge. From controlling multiple points of entry, proactively detecting visible firearms, monitoring employee safety and securing key areas, detection plays a critical role in improving situational awareness and decreasing response times to potential issues and
operational problems.

Detection Solutions

Secure sensitive areas of your facility
Monitor and secure restricted areas using access control and video analytics technologies. Receive instant notifications via text message and text-to-voice alerts on radios, smartphones or any device of choice of an access point breach.

Maintain proactive awareness for suspicious activity
Enhance visibility across vast areas like parking lots and corridors using our wide-view cameras combined with video analytics technology allowing for a holistic view for any unusual movement such as vehicles driving the wrong direction or loitering.

Be alerted on who is coming in and out of your facility
Monitor points of entry to your facility using License Plate Recognition analytics and Watch List Alerting. Whether a banned individual enters your parking lot or an expected delivery has arrived on your property, automatically notify all relevant staff to engage the appropriate response plan. Expand on the power of video security analytics by including image analysis technology.

Get visibility into escalating situations
Protect your staff members and guests from interactions with disruptive individuals and situations. Body-worn cameras automatically begin capturing footage of escalated situations when the duress button on radios is pressed. Alerts are then sent to appropriate staff directly on their radios and in the operations center when body-worn cameras are activated. Video software connects detection-type analytics with human verification to reveal the presence of firearms and proactively preempt a potentially tragic situation.


You’re responsible for monitoring extensive facilities filled with workers, secure areas, vast spaces, critical materials and equipment. Identifying unwanted individuals, tracking persons of interest, locating missing inventory and recognizing hazardous situations across these environments is a demanding task.

Analytic Solutions

Track and locate persons of interest in real time
Pin-point the location of specific individuals within your property
to respond to or prevent potential incidents. Using video analytics, security teams can respond quicker to a reported individual of interest by using their appearance, shoes or clothing as an identifying characteristic to begin an area search. Prevent potential escalations by automatically populating relevant cameras if an intruder is identified on your facility and monitor their path of trajectory.

Actively monitor the location of response resources
Determine your closest resources to an incident for the most efficient and timely response by leveraging the mapping of the real-time GPS location of devices. This information enables your staff to increase their efficiency and promptly respond to any situation at hand with greater confidence.

Quickly evaluate a situation on a single view
Save seconds and have the full story by populating all nearby cameras to an incident with a single click and view all available intelligence aggregated onto a single screen.


Whether you are an operations coordinator on-site needing to routinely communicate with your staff, management and other areas of your facility, or a response team dealing with a large-scale emergency, clear and timely communication is key to keeping your teams connected and informed.

Communication Solutions

Instantly share information across multiple teams or facilities
Distribute intelligence across multiple devices and facilities for seamless communication no matter where your staff is located. Images of unfolding incidents can be shared with a press of a button for an efficient response from your security teams and operations to prevent the escalation of a situation.

Broadcast mass notification alerts to relevant staff
Notify and enable your staff at a moment’s notice with automated alerts sent via text, email or voice message from laptops or smartphones. Send images and relevant multimedia across multiple groups and teams to provide your staff with the most up-to-date information.

Manage and access all communications from a single view
Simplify and standardize your dispatch process with streamlined dashboard views and instant communication across multiple devices from a single desktop application.

Transmit multi-media intelligence
Live video and intelligence can be shared with security staff monitoring building entrances to intercept individuals and prevent them from entering the facility. Share images of disruptive or unwanted individuals across your staff and security teams to ensure a seamless share of relevant information over a privately owned broadband network.


Whether it’s an everyday incident or an emergency situation, your response teams and facility personnel need to communicate with each other to coordinate a response in the most efficient way possible. Being ready and aware is critical to ensuring your team can quickly respond to incidents or problems before they escalate — decreasing downtime, maintaining productivity, and ensuring the health and safety of individuals.

Response Solutions

Dynamically communication with public safety
Optimize response times to situations and incidents that require additional emergency response resources. Proactively engage with public safety using radio networks to share situational and location intelligence updates before their arrival on scene. Compile and deliver video footage to law enforcement teams for future incident prevention.

Provide critical incident insights
Provide critical incident insights and eyes-on-the-scene with real-time video from your operations center to staff in the field as well as from your staff back to the operations center. Updates are communicated with relevant staff and teams on their devices of choice to ensure the safety of your teams while they respond to everyday incidents and emergency situations.

Document incidents for future prevention
Save time with automatic population of incident data for efficient reporting and documentation. All relevant information and video captured is securely and seamlessly stored and documented and can be shared with security teams, administration or public safety.

Increase workforce efficiency
Achieve a seamless flow of communication and information across teams with two-way radio communications. Whether security needs to respond to a theft, or a guest requires additional amenities — equipping your staff with the appropriate tools for an efficient response is critical.

Solving for safer





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Solving for safer

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Motorola Solutions’ Safe Integrated Ecosystem allows you to address everyday concerns as well as emerging situations through the four pillars — Detect, Analyze, Communicate and Respond.