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Video Security

Avigilon Video Security Systems

Your challenges are complex, but your video security shouldn’t be. Our IP security camera systems and solutions are AI-powered and built with simplicity in mind.

Video security systems tailored to your needs

Increase situational awareness, deter crime and make better informed decisions during critical events with flexible video security solutions that bring safety to the forefront.

Cloud Video Security

Why organizations choose cloud

Modernize your video security camera system with a cloud-native solution without any physical servers. Gain flexibility and reduce operating expenditures while scaling your security for your site’s future.

Frictionless design
Simple to install, easy to deploy and built to evolve, cloud security systems enable you to start protecting people and property in minutes.

Clould based Video Camera

Open platform
Obtain unparalleled flexibility and seamlessly integrate with third-party technologies through our open architecture.

No IT infrastructure required
With your security system on the cloud, you can eliminate the need to maintain a physical server room and reduce capital and operating expenditures.

On-Premise Security Camera

On-Premise Video Security

Why organizations choose on-premise

No matter the size of your organization, our on-premise video security solutions give you complete control over your video data, coupled with robust cybersecurity to ensure your site is always protected.

Designed to grow with you
As your organization grows, your situational awareness needs to grow with it. On-premise security can support anywhere from one to 10,000+ cameras per site

Comprehensive data security and protection
With more video data, the more important it is to protect it. On-premise security comes with cybersecurity features such as FIPS 140 – 2 to safeguard information.

Complete control in your hands
Centrally manage your sites from anywhere in the world. Monitor the health of your cameras and respond to events that may impact system availability.

Discover Avigilon Video Security Products

Whether you want to manage your video security system directly or outsource management by moving to the cloud — protect what matters most with powerful AI enabled technology.

Avigilon Bullet Camera

Bullet and Box IP Security Cameras

See far and wide with indoor and outdoor bullet and box security cameras that offer long-range detail and AI-powered analytics.

Dome IP security cameras

Dome IP Security Cameras

Protect indoor and outdoor areas with our small, yet mighty dome security cameras that offer a low-profile monitoring solution.

PTZ IP security cameras

PTZ IP Security Cameras

Monitor large sites with a single pan, tilt and zoom security camera that lets you get the level of detail required for investigations.

Avigilon Security Cameras

Panoramic IP Security Cameras

Be covered from every angle with panoramic security cameras that provide up to 360-degree views from a single vantage point.

Specialty IP security cameras

Specialty IP Security Cameras

Meet the security and safety needs of unique sites and applications with specially designed fixed IP cameras and sensors.

Video Infrastructure

Video infrastructure

Simplify on-premise server and recorder management with high-performance network video recorders, video storage and appliances.

Alta End-to-End Cloud Security

A complete, end-to-end cloud-based security solution that future-proofs your video security and access control with innovative capabilities and intelligent analytics.