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VMS & Video Analytics

AI-Enabled Video Management Software

Discover the potential of AI video analytics and video management software to detect anomalies, automate investigations and boost operational efficiency.

Smarter security with AI-powered video analytics

Avigilon enhances security with real-time previews and automated alerts powered by intelligent video analytics. Streamline operations and achieve maximum efficiency through informed decision-making.

24/7 Awareness

Superior situational awareness

Secure, scalable, and easy to use, Avigilon’s video management systems provide an enterprise-grade, AI-enabled solution equipped with integrated machine-learning capabilities.

Prevent information overload
Focus on what matters most with AI video analytics that alert operators to security events that need immediate attention, when and where they happen.

Proactive security powered by AI
Using perimeter and behavior data to detect, identify and classify anomalies involving vehicles, people of interest and objects in real-time.

Intuitive video management
Extend visibility across any number of sites and locations, with the ability to customize video views to see the most relevant footage.

24/7 Awareness
Fast Investigations

Fast Investigations

Find what you’re looking for faster

When every minute counts, video management software with advanced search technology speeds your investigations without sacrificing any level of detail.

Accelerated video search
Search vast amounts of recorded video in minutes with appearance and image detection powered by machine learning capabilities.

Expanded object classification
Intuitive video management software differentiates between people, objects and vehicle types to help security teams identify potential security threats.

AI-powered notifications
Improve response time with rule-based notifications that help security teams efficiently prioritize events by level of importance.

Unhanced Visibility

Avigilon video management systems are equipped with advanced video analytics technology and features that bring all the details into focus.

Facial Recognition
Enrich fixed video feeds with the ability to efficiently detect faces. Create, edit, and control watch lists to always have timely and accurate searches.

License Plate Recognition
Enable security operators to search and quickly find specific captured license plate videos for verification and investigation.

Occupancy analytics
Gain important insights to optimize traffic flow and space utilization with real-time occupancy counting and heatmap analytics.

Enhanced Visibility
Scalable VMS

Scalable VMS

Flexible video management software

Avigilon gives you the flexibility to deploy an advanced video management system that fits your unique security needs.

Cloud-capable video systems
Deploy Avigilon Atla Aware directly to the cloud, run a cloud-managed site through Unity Cloud Services, or deploy a Cloud Connector for a frictionless transition.

Powerful on-premise VMS appliances
Gain an end-to-end video analytics solution by integrating with Avigilon’s Unity Video, cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVRs).

Always secure, accessible and up to date
Receive automatic software updates from the cloud, with end-to-end encrypted data and secure remote access from anywhere in the world.

Alta End-to-End Cloud Security

A complete, end-to-end cloud-based security solution that future-proofs your video security and access control with innovative capabilities and intelligent analytics.