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Evolv Concealed Weapons Detection

CWD Will Change the Way You Think About Security

Concealed Weapons Detection Solutions in Florida

The Motorola Solutions’ Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD) powered by Evolv Technology combines powerful sensor technology with proven artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations, and comprehensive venue analytics to ensure safer, more accurate threat detection at an unprecedented speed and volume.

Introducing Motorola Solutions’ Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD)


Integration with Avigilon’s ACC and H5A Modular camera onboard.

Fast and Efficient

Screen 4,000 people per hour, 10X faster than metal detectors.

Easy to Operate

See where the threat is located, reducing search time and fatigue.

Flexible and Portable

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, easy to set up and move.


Support post-event analysis and a proactive security posture with the web-based and mobile-enabled app.

Weapons-Free Zones

Motorola Solutions’ Concealed Weapons Detection’s customers are security experts charged with providing safe places for their students, educators, employees, fans, patrons, healthcare staff, and worshippers. They share that mission, keeping an average of 250 guns from entering their venues daily.

Touchless Security Screening

Visitors want to move quickly through security checkpoints at a seamless pace, knowing they’re well-protected everywhere inside your venue—while your security teams want the assurance that they can reliably pinpoint and stop threats. This shouldn’t be a trade-off.

Evolv Technology

Evolv Technology
Concealed Weapons Detection
Safety Act Seal

Evolv Technology Awarded U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Designation for Evolv Express®

Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD)

Seeing is Believing
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Schedule a live demo of Motorola Solutions’ CWD, the new standard for today’s world, and the first AI-enabled touchless security screening solution that spots weapons while ignoring harmless personal items as visitors walk through at a natural pace.