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Evolv Concealed Weapons Detection helps many industries in Florida.


Concealed Weapons Detection Healthcare

Create Safe Havens for Patients, Staff and Visitors

We know that hospitals and other healthcare facilities can bear the undue burden of threats from workplace violence and other forms of interpersonal attacks that can put their staff, visitors, and patients at risk. Your security and operations teams are tasked with protecting everyone in their care, but traditional metal detectors can result in unsafe lines at entryways. At Evolv Technology, we’re using advanced AI and hardware, and machine learning to fundamentally disrupt and improve the security screening experience.

Industrial Workplaces

Concealed Weapons Detection Industrial

Greater Safety. Greater Employee Experience.

Evolv Express is changing the future of workplace security screening. Armed with state-of-the-art technology and superior analytics, its screening solution identifies threats in ways that traditional security screening technology can’t – offering the most innovative solution to help protect your workplace from today’s dynamic threats.


Concealed Weapons Detection Schools

A Safer World. A Better Student Experience.

Imagine your students, faculty, and visitors walking through a weapons-screening system as they enter your school building without stopping, emptying their pockets or bags, or waiting in line. Today it’s possible to provide enhanced safety without sacrificing the welcoming experience we’ve come to expect at school. Evolv Express is revolutionizing security screening by combining advanced sensors and AI to protect students, faculty, and visitors during school hours and at a variety of other indoor and outdoor school activities and events from concealed weapons and public health threats.

Stadiums & Arenas

Concealed Weapons Detection Sporting Events

Guest ingress that is dramatically faster, more convenient, and more secure

Stadiums and arenas must continue to improve their guest experience to remain competitive. With a dizzying array of potential venue upgrades, it’s difficult to know which will truly move the needle. Only Evolv Express can deliver a positive impact for every guest at every event by creating an arrival experience that is dramatically faster, more convenient, and more secure. And only Evolv Express can enable meaningful reductions in gate staffing requirements.

Evolv Technology

Evolv Technology
Concealed Weapons Detection
Safety Act Seal

Evolv Technology Awarded U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Designation for Evolv Express®

Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD)

Seeing is Believing
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Schedule a live demo of Motorola Solutions’ CWD, the new standard for today’s world, and the first AI-enabled touchless security screening solution that spots weapons while ignoring harmless personal items as visitors walk through at a natural pace.