EMCI Offers the Best Two-way Radio Solutions in Miami Beach, Florida

EMCI Offers the Best 2-Way Radio Solutions in Miami Beach, Florida.

Comprehensive selection of two-way radios and accessories for sale and rent at the most competitive prices in Florida.

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Whether you need a 2-way radio solution for a local Miami Beach event, a small business, or a large commercial project, EMCI Wireless can help.

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Cities We Serve Near Miami Beach, Florida

  • Biscayne Park, FL
  • Brownsville, FL
  • Doral, FL
  • El Portal, FL
  • Fisher Island, FL
  • Fountainebleau, FL
  • Gladeview, FL
  • Hialeah, FL
  • Indian Creek Village, FL
  • Medley, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Miami Shores, FL
  • Miami Springs, FL
  • Milam Dairy, FL
  • North Bay Village, FL
  • Pinewood, FL
  • Surfside, FL
  • Sweetwater, FL
  • Tamiami, FL
  • Virginia Gardens, FL
  • West Little River, FL
  • West Miami, FL
  • Westchester, FL
  • Westview, FL

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Two-Way Radio Sales in Miami Beach, Florida

Top-Quality Two-Way Radio Systems at Affordable Prices

Whatever your line of business, powerful correspondence frameworks are urgent to its prosperity. At EMCI Wireless, we supply associations and organizations in the Miami Beach, FL region with quality two-way radios, base stations, and repeaters, and a large selection of inventory to meet your radio needs.

With forty years of involvement with the interchanges business, we comprehend your needs. We place a premium on quality, reliability, and wellbeing, and that is the reason we just sell items from industry pioneers like Motorola Solutions.

Reasonable for a Wide Range of Industries

EMCI's two-way radios and embellishments are reasonable for a wide scope of businesses, including public security, sports fields and occasions, utilities, and some more. Regardless of how huge or little your undertaking, our Motorola handheld two-way radios will help you in finishing it effectively.

Look at the phenomenal scope of two-way radios accessible from EMCI Wireless at this moment and see with your own eyes why so many industry-driving firms depend on our correspondence arrangements. Our consultants will be glad to help you in choosing the most fitting items and answers for your necessities.

Contact EMCI Today for Top-Quality Two-Way Radios at Competitive Prices!

We have the best choice of Motorola 2-way radios in Miami Beach, Florida. Whatever your necessities, we can meet and surpass them.

Miami Beach, Florida's Best Two-Way Radios

Are you having difficulty working out which two-way radios will best serve your needs? We can help! When you choose EMCI, you get the expertise and customer care we’re renowned for. A member of our trusted team will be there to help you every step of the way, whether you’re renting or buying one of our two-way radio systems.

How Our Two-Way Radio Sales Process Works

How it Works Step One

Step One: Speak to One of Our Advisors

At the point when you address one of our master consultants, they'll assist you with choosing the right radio situation for the size and kind of locale you'll cover.

How it Works Step Two

Step Two: Your Custom 2-Way Radio Solution

Our professional advisors work out the perfect custom radio solution for your needs and budget. They will consider your application and whether you might want to change or expand the system at some point in the future.

How it Works Step Three

Step Three: Your Radios Are Ready for Collection or Delivery

We package and dispatch your order once you and your advisor have created a two-way radio strategy that checks all your boxes. Most two-way radio sales are shipped on the same day or shortly after.

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Two-Way Radios for Sale in Miami Beach, Florida

It's time to quit looking for the best deals on two-way radios and accessories, because they're all right here at EMCI Wireless!

We offer a wide range of portables, mobiles, and base stations in various sizes, capabilities, and prices. Whatever your radio communication needs, we can provide the perfect solution at a price you can afford.

Mobile 2-Way Radios

Mobile 2-Way Radios

Mobile two-way radios are vehicle-mounted wireless devices that enable one-to-one or one-to-many communication over radio frequencies within a local area, city, or state. They are frequently mounted on the dash of a vehicle and can be powered by the vehicle's battery. They are used by someone who does not require communication while they are away from their vehicle.

Find out more about our Mobile 2-Way Radios

Portable Radios

Portable Radios

Users who are on the move benefit from portable radios because they make dedicated two-way communications faster, clearer, and more convenient. These practical radios can easily assist in increasing productivity by allowing users to stay in touch while remaining focused on the task at hand, thereby increasing efficiency.

A portable two-way radio system from EMCI Wireless will provide economical and dependable communications for your next big project. Portable radios are perfect for hospitals, casinos, the oil and gas industries, amusement parks, and similar locations.

Find out more about our Portable Radios

Base Stations

Base Stations

At the point when correspondence is strategic, an EMCI Wireless base station guarantees that your portable two-way radio is consistently prepared. We can change over your versatile radio into a base station by adding a work area power supply, a mouthpiece, and a receiver. Your versatile radio will then, at that point, remain connected to the power supply for the duration of the day.

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The range of two-way radios is limited and each environment is unique. Our communications team can assist you in determining the most effective option for your needs. Repeaters are sometimes needed because they repeat the signal from your two-way radio portable, mobile, or base station at higher power and with a better antenna that fills in coverage gaps.

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Two-way radio systems aren't complete until they have the accessories that make them unique to your business model. That's why EMCI Wireless has the largest selection of portable and mobile two-way radio accessories in Florida.

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Two-Way Radio Rentals in Miami Beach, Florida

Our great radio rentals are the best answer for expanding efficiency and guaranteeing that your whole activity runs as flawlessly as could really be expected. As well as being productive and savvy, they are additionally easy to utilize.

A complete choice of powerful, multichannel radios is accessible for lease, with models reasonable for each possible circumstance. Motorola's two-way versatile radios and business portable radios are remembered for this class.

Regardless of whether you really want super light versatile radios or radios that are extra-intense and waterproof, we take care of you.

Two-Way Radio Rental Features

Many of our radios are small with full signaling options and dual-mode analog/digital capability. Our solutions include Programmable Buttons, LTE Radios with Push-to-Talk, Selective Call, Scan List, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Call Alert. These radios have a headset for hands-free operation and audio enhancement features to improve sound quality and reduce background noise.

How Our Two-Way Radio Rental Process Works

How it Works Step One

Step One: Speak to Our Team

A member of our trusted team will assist you in determining the correct quantity and type of two-way radios and accessories you’ll need. Once we have developed the ideal communication strategy for you, we'll offer you a contract at a competitive price.

How it Works Step Two

Step Two: We Prepare Your Radio Equipment

Following that, we prepare and program your two-way radios and ship them to you, regardless of your location.

How it Works Step Three

Step Three: EMCI Rental Support

We provide comprehensive support throughout the rental process. We can also arrange insurance that will provide coverage for any damage.

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Industries We Serve in Miami Beach and Throughout Florida

Construction Solutions


Time is money in construction. Keep to your schedule with EMCI's two-way radios. Control your teams from your car or office with a two-way mobile radio. Involve yourself with a portable radio tough enough to withstand even the toughest job sites.

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School portable and mobile two-way radios from EMCI Wireless increase safety and save money. They're great for bus management, school security, after- and before-school pick-up/drop-off communications, and more.

Want to find out more about our Education Solutions

Education Solutions
Events Solutions


Event managers adore how simple and convenient it is to communicate at large events with EMCI's two-way portable radios. Allow EMCI to assist you with accelerating emergency response times and increasing crowd control for the safest, most successful event yet.

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Seconds count when saving lives. That's why EMCI supplies two-way radios to Florida's top hospitals. In a security situation, your organization will never have to worry about staying connected.

Want to find out more about our Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions
Hospitality and Entertainment Solutions

Hospitality and Entertainment

Customer service is critical in hospitality. Our two-way radio systems keep employees and teams connected. EMCI Wireless handheld radios are ideal for hotel security, housekeeping, and maintenance staff.

Want to find out more about our Hospitality and Entertainment Solutions


Reduce downtime and increase safety in your Bonita Springs, FL manufacturing facility with EMCI two-way radios. Our portable two-way radios will let you stay in touch with security, monitor the production line, and instruct work teams. Noise-canceling headsets and remote speaker mics can improve efficiency and employee safety.

Want to find out more about our Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions
Retail Solutions


Good customer service and anti-fraud measures boost retail sales. EMCI's discrete two-way radio and accessory solutions help you quickly check prices, report suspicious customers, and clean up disasters. Try one of our top portable radio models today and see how we help top retailers protect their bottom lines!

Want to find out more about our Retail Solutions

Security and Public Safety

Effective communication can save lives in public safety. EMCI wants to keep your teams connected so they can do their best work. We also provide dispatch vehicle installation of our mobile two-way radios and a wide range of public safety radio accessories.

Want to find out more about our Security and Public Safety Solutions

Security and Public Safety Solutions

About EMCI Wireless

Our company was founded in 1975 and is one of the major suppliers for commercial wireless radio networks. During the last 40 years, we have developed strong, trusted relationships with both our customers and industry partners.

Our Industry Partners

We are a certified Motorola Solutions Channel Partner and Service Specialist. Our experienced team of technicians is highly trained and up-to-date with the latest industry innovations.

Whatever Your Two-Way Radio System and Communication Needs, We’ll Meet and Exceed Them!

We are Florida's largest provider of mission-critical wireless communications and commercial networks. We guarantee the best performance from our network and devices. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.

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Counties We Serve In Florida

  • Alachua County, FL
  • Baker County, FL
  • Bay County, FL
  • Bradford County, FL
  • Brevard County, FL
  • Broward County, FL
  • Calhoun County, FL
  • Charlotte County, FL
  • Citrus County, FL
  • Clay County, FL
  • Collier County, FL
  • Columbia County, FL
  • DeSoto County, FL
  • Dixie County, FL
  • Duval County, FL
  • Escambia County, FL
  • Flagler County, FL
  • Franklin County, FL
  • Gadsden County, FL
  • Gilchrist County, FL
  • Glades County, FL
  • Gulf County, FL
  • Hamilton County, FL
  • Hardee County, FL
  • Hendry County, FL
  • Hernando County, FL
  • Highlands County, FL
  • Hillsborough County, FL
  • Holmes County, FL
  • Indian River County, FL
  • Jackson County, FL
  • Jefferson County, FL
  • Lafayette County, FL
  • Lake County, FL
  • Lee County, FL
  • Leon County, FL
  • Levy County, FL
  • Liberty County, FL
  • Madison County, FL
  • Manatee County, FL
  • Marion County, FL
  • Martin County, FL
  • Miami-Dade County, FL
  • Monroe County, FL
  • Nassau County, FL
  • Okaloosa County, FL
  • Okeechobee County, FL
  • Orange County, FL
  • Osceola County, FL
  • Palm Beach County, FL
  • Pasco County, FL
  • Pinellas County, FL
  • Polk County, FL
  • Putnam County, FL
  • Santa Rosa County, FL
  • Sarasota County, FL
  • Seminole County, FL
  • St. Johns County, FL
  • St. Lucie County, FL
  • Sumter County, FL
  • Suwannee County, FL
  • Taylor County, FL
  • Union County, FL
  • Volusia County, FL
  • Wakulla County, FL
  • Walton County, FL
  • Washington County, FL

Fun Facts About Miami

Miami is one of the world’s greatest and most iconic tourist destinations – thanks to its sub tropical climate, pristine beaches and relaxed ambiance. It also does fun really well. In keeping with the ‘fun’ theme – here’s some of our best fun facts about Miami:

  1. Miami gets its name from one of the tribes that lived here. The Mayaimi lived here in the 16th and 17th Centuries.
  2. Miami welcomes over 14 million tourists per year. Over 10% of our workforce works in the tourism industry. It’s also known as the cruise capital of the world, too, as Miami has the largest cruise ship port in the world.
  3. The art deco nightclub district on Miami’s South Beach is one of the best in the world.
  4. Miami is home to the world’s largest collection of art deco architecture.
  5. Miami is the US’s warmest location in winter. The average temperature during winter is between 65 -75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Miami was once a mangrove swamp and the land we now know was mostly man made. As a result, some of our beaches need to be replenished with sand regularly.
  7. It’s a good agricultural region - yet downtown Miami is also a huge corporate center. It has the highest concentration of international banks than any US city.
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