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Portable Two-Way Radios

Motorola Digital Portable Radios from simple voice-only models to feature-rich voice and data radios

Reach Your Workforce Wherever They Go. Reach Everyone, Anywhere.

Are you in search of the best selection of Motorola portable two-way radios in Florida? Look no further than EMCI Wireless! Our extensive selection features a wide range of models, and our knowledgeable experts are always available to guide you in selecting the perfect radio to meet your specific needs.

At EMCI Wireless, we take immense pride in being an esteemed Motorola Channel Partner, dedicated to serving customers throughout Florida. Our inventory boasts the complete line of Motorola digital portable radios, encompassing commercial digital and analog options. Explore our latest offerings, including the state-of-the-art MOTOTRBO radios like the R7 and Ion smart radios. We invite you to discover our unparalleled customer service and communication solutions that redefine connectivity at EMCI Wireless.

Motorola Digital Portable Radios

With MOTOTRBO two-way radios, your team will be able to work more safely and efficiently thanks to advanced features like, crystal-clear audio, and intelligent data applications. These powerful tools will help streamline communication, allowing your staff to work smarter and be more productive.

The MOTOTRBO two-way radio portfolio is made up of two way communication devices that are designed to increase safety, boost productivity and help teams work more efficiently. Whether it’s an XPR, R7, R2 or Ion digital radio, MOTOTRBO offers the best two way radios for industrial use, such as manufacturing and utilities, for retail businesses or for schools and healthcare campuses. No matter your industry, there is a Motorola PTT radio for you!

Having MOTOTRBO at the heart of your organization will help you achieve new levels of productivity, safety and efficiency. The extensive portfolio means you can custom-build your complete solution including radios, infrastructure, systems, accessories, applications and services designed around what you need today and in the future.

Not sure which Motorola portable radio is right for you?

Motorola Solutions has released a handy comparison guide so you can compare the features of the latest MOTOTRBO two-way radios. Please click here to download our PCR Comparison Guide.

WAVE PTX Portable Radio (Wide-Area)

The Motorola TLK 100/110 WAVE PTX portable two-way radios/walkie-talkies provide wide-area coverage across Florida on the nation’s largest 4G LTE cellular network.

Analog and Digital Portable Padios

Discontinued Motorola Two-Way Radios

Looking for older Motorola radios? These models may no longer be manufactured or available for sale, but here you’ll find information on how to upgrade, replace or repair your radio.




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