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Motorola APX 6000

Motorola APX 6000 P25 Portable Single Band Radio

P25 Operation | 7/800 MHz, VHF and UHF | Excellent Audio | 3 Rugged Models

Leading Edge Technology in a Compact Design

Superior Performance in a Lightweight Package

Experience exceptional performance without sacrificing essential features. The APX 6000 offers leading-edge technology in a compact and lightweight design, ensuring optimal functionality for law enforcement professionals.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Safety

With features like Mission Critical Wireless and GPS location tracking, the APX 6000 sets a new standard for reliability and efficiency in mission-critical communications. Whether you’re on patrol or responding to emergencies, this radio empowers you to stay in control of your safety and response time.

Mission Complete with Hard-Working Technology

Focus on the task at hand with the APX 6000’s hard-working mission-critical mobile design. This radio is engineered to seamlessly integrate into your operations, turning mission-critical situations into mission complete outcomes.

Legendary Ruggedness and Reliability

From its inception, the APX 6000 has been renowned for its ruggedness and reliability. Designed to withstand routine activities and extreme emergencies, this single-band P25 portable radio ensures uninterrupted communication when it matters most.

Evolving to Meet Growing Needs

As the demands of public safety personnel evolve, so does the APX 6000. We’re continuously enhancing this radio to support newer technologies like Wi-Fi®, Adaptive Audio Engine, and Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology. These advancements improve operational efficiency, response time, and overall safety for personnel and communities alike.

Motorola APX 6000

Feature Highlights

Compact Size, Cutting-Edge Features

Secure Grip, Enhanced Control
Experience superior control and grip with the innovative T-grip design, ensuring a secure hold even in challenging conditions.

Easy-to-Read Display
Benefit from a high-contrast color display that remains clear and legible in various lighting environments, ensuring effortless readability at all times.

Quick Access Top Display
Access critical information quickly with the top display, allowing for easy reading at a glance or from different angles without interruption.

Intuitive Push-to-Talk Button
The universal push-to-talk button, featuring enhanced grooves, is intuitively designed for easy locating by touch, ensuring seamless communication in any situation.

Crystal-Clear Audio for Clear Communication

Enhanced Voice Clarity
Experience clear and intelligible voice communications, even in noisy environments, thanks to excellent audio technology.

Advanced Noise-Canceling
Dual-sided 2-microphone noise-canceling technology locates the talker and eliminates background noise for uninterrupted communication.

Cutting-Edge Vocoder
Equipped with the latest AMBE digital voice vocoder, ensuring crisp and precise voice transmission for enhanced clarity.

Future-Ready Technology for Today's Needs

P25 Phase 2 Capability
Small yet powerful, this radio is P25 Phase 2 capable, providing twice the voice capacity for efficient communication.

Compatibility Assurance
Backwards and forwards compatible with all Motorola mission-critical radio systems, ensuring seamless integration and operation.

Enhanced Safety Features
Supports applications like Mission Critical Wireless and GPS location tracking, enhancing safety and situational awareness for users.

Intuitive Design for Effortless Operation

Universal Push-to-Talk
The universal push-to-talk button with enhanced grooves ensures easy access and operation, even in challenging conditions.

Optimized Grip
Innovative T-grip design offers a secure hold and better control, optimizing performance during critical operations.

User-Friendly Interface
Navigate effortlessly with a full-size keypad and high-contrast color display that remains visible in all lighting conditions.

Advanced Security and Customization Options

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Encryption
Certified hardware encryption provides tamperproof security, safeguarding communications against unauthorized access.

Intelligent Lighting System
Color-coded alerts provide instant information about radio mode, emergencies, or specific events, ensuring prompt response.

Tailored Settings
Customize audio levels, lighting, and tones with radio profiles, adapting to different environments and operational needs seamlessly.

Seamless Connectivity and Management

Integrated GPS
Enable accountability and location tracking, enhancing operational efficiency and personnel safety with integrated GPS functionality.

Over-the-Air Programming
Motorola’s POP25 solution allows radios to be programmed over the air via ASTRO 25 systems, ensuring efficient fleet management without downtime.


Model 1.5
Full Bitmap Monochromatic LCD Top Display, 1 Line Text X 8 Characters, 1 Line of Icons, No Menu Support, Multi-Color Backlight.

H98UCD9PW5AN 700/800 MHz (763-870 MHz), 1-2.5 Watts, 96 Channels
H98KGD9PW5AN VHF (136-174 MHz), 1-6 Watts, 96 Channels
H98QDD9PW5AN UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz), 1-5 Watts, 96 Channels
H98SDD9PW5AN UHF Range 2 (450-520 MHz), 1-5 Watts, 96 Channels

Model 2.5
Top Display Plus: Full Bitmap Color LCD Display, 4 Lines of Text X 14 Characters, 2 Lines of Icons, 1 Menu Line X 3 Menus, White Backlight. Backlight Keypad: 3 Soft Keys, 4 Direction Navigation Key, Home and Data Buttons.

H98UCF9PW6AN 700/800 MHz (763-870 MHz), 1-2.5 Watts, 1,000 Channels
H98KGF9PW6AN VHF (136-174 MHz), 1-6 Watts, 1,000 Channels
H98QDF9PW6AN UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz), 1-5 Watts, 1,000 Channels
H98SDF9PW6AN UHF Range 2 (450-520 MHz), 1-5 Watts, 1,000 Channels

Model 3.5
Top Display Plus: Full Bitmap Color LCD Display, 4 Lines of Text X 14 Characters, 2 Lines of Icons, 1 Menu Line X 3 Menus, White Backlight. Backlight Keypad: 3 Soft Keys, 4 Direction Navigation Key, 4×3 Keypad, Home and Data Buttons.

H98UCH9PW7AN 700/800 MHz (763-870 MHz), 1-2.5 Watts, 1,000 Channels
H98KGH9PW7AN VHF (136-174 MHz), 1-6 Watts, 1,000 Channels
H98QDH9PW7AN UHF Range 1 (380-470 MHz), 1-5 Watts, 1,000 Channels
H98SDH9PW7AN UHF Range 2 (450-520 MHz), 1-5 Watts, 1,000 Channels

Standard Package Includes:

  • APX 6000 Radio unit
  • Antenna
  • Battery pack
  • Belt clip or carrying holster
  • User manual and documentation
  • Charger

Frequency Compatibility

Single Band Radio – RF BANDS Supported

  •  700/800 MHz, VHF, UHF Range 1 & UHF Range 2

Radio System Compatibility

Operation Modes

  • 9600 Baud Digital APCO P25 Phase 1 FDMA and Phase 2 TDMA Trunking
  • 3600 Baud SmartNet®, SmartZone®, SmartZone, Omnilink Trunking
  • Digital APCO 25, Conventional, Analog MDC 1200, Quick Call II System Configurations Narrow and Wide Bandwidth Digital Receiver (6.25 kHz Equivalent/25/20/12.5 kHz)

Effortless APX 6000 Programming

Streamlined Programming Process
Utilize CPS and/or Radio Management to program APX 6000 radios seamlessly, following the same procedure as APX Standard radios.

Optimize Fleet Management
Efficiently manage your radio fleet by programming radios online in batches over Wi-Fi or OTAP. Alternatively, use CPS for basic one-by-one offline programming.

Simplified Fleet Oversight
Managing a large fleet of radios can be challenging. With Radio Management, you can view your entire fleet from a single interface and effortlessly push batch programming changes in minutes.

Expert Guidance and Support

Smooth Transition
Our team of experts is available to guide your transition from CPS to our advanced software programming platforms. Whether you prefer cable, Wi-Fi, or OTAP programming, we ensure a seamless transition.

Comprehensive Services
Whether you choose to handle radio programming in-house or prefer our service staff to FCC license, program, optimize, and/or manage your devices, we are here to accommodate your needs and provide comprehensive support.

Technical Specifications

Motorola APX 6000 General Specifications

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
5.47 x 2.98 x 1.6 inches

Top Display

Emergency button

Full, None

Weight (with standard battery)
16.4 oz

User Environment

Factory Mutual

Intrinsically safe

IP standards
IP54, IP67

Mil Spec
810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G


Water resistance
IP67 Standard

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