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Motorola APX N70

Motorola APX N70 Single-Band P25 Smart Radio

P25 Operation | Ultra Connectivity | Touchscreen

Unleash Enhanced P25 Communication: APX N70 Smart Radio

Introducing the APX™ N70 Single-Band P25 Smart Radio, engineered to redefine communication standards for professionals across various sectors. With cutting-edge technology and robust features, this radio is designed to meet the demands of modern public safety, utilities and transportation users.

Equipped with P25 interoperability, the APX™ N70 ensures seamless communication between different agencies and organizations, facilitating efficient collaboration during critical operations. Its single-band functionality focuses on delivering exceptional performance within a specific frequency range, optimizing signal clarity and reliability in any environment.

The smart capabilities of the APX™ N70 extend beyond traditional radio functionalities. Integrated Bluetooth® connectivity enables hands-free operation and accessory pairing, enhancing user convenience and mobility. Additionally, Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates over-the-air updates, ensuring the radio remains equipped with the latest features and security enhancements.

Designed for durability, the APX™ N70 boasts a rugged construction that can withstand harsh conditions encountered in the field. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling during extended use, while the large, high-resolution display provides clear visibility of essential information, even in low-light conditions.

With advanced encryption and security features, the APX™ N70 prioritizes the confidentiality and integrity of communications, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access. This ensures compliance with stringent security protocols and regulations, instilling confidence in users across various sectors.

Whether deployed in emergency response scenarios, day-to-day operations, or mission-critical tasks, the APX™ N70 Single-Band P25 Smart Radio delivers unparalleled performance, reliability, and interoperability, empowering professionals to communicate with confidence in any situation.

Tough Durability
Engineered for the task and the conditions at hand, this device boasts inherent durability, featuring a 3” toughened touchscreen display, additional programmable buttons, and exceptional impact resistance. Its user-friendly interfaces, sizable knobs, and ViQi voice control guarantee seamless operation even in the harshest environments—a vital asset for modern frontline responders.

The best-in-class adaptive audio
Delivering unparalleled audio adaptability, officers can communicate clearly wherever they’re deployed. With top-notch sound clarity and volume, the HDR mic inputs ensure voices are reproduced with utmost precision, while advanced algorithms eliminate disruptive background noise and adjust volume levels as needed.

Stay connected
Maximizing connectivity, the APX N70 excels across various frequencies, modes, and protocols, ensuring dependable communication. Equipped with robust hardware encryption algorithms and simplified batch radio programming tools, it guarantees secure communications and effortless software updates.

Scalable and ready to evolve
This device serves as a reliable lifeline that evolves with user needs. Optional next-generation features like LTE and smart apps enhance on-field intelligence, fostering improved situational awareness for first responders, enabling them to act with heightened focus and efficiency.

Feature Highlights

  • Stay connected with LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth
  • All-weather rugged touchscreen, Mission-critical rated
  • Improved audio for louder, crystal clear voice
  • Engineered for extreme ruggedness with solid testing
  • Advanced capabilities with an Application platform
  • Exceptional ergonomics for emergency situations
  • Up to 14 hrs of battery life to last the entire shift
  • Short antenna, designed for comfort in mind

Mission-critical all-weather touchscreen

Snow, rain and dirt friendly 3” tough glass touchscreen recognizes interaction with gloves and rejects false touches from the elements. With a transflective display, APX N70 is set for indoor and outdoor readability. An intuitive user interface with an easy-to-navigate menu, purpose-built for public safety, keeps interactions simple to be informed while staying focused on their tasks.

Meant to last - Designed for extreme ruggedness

The APX N70 was designed and tested for extreme ruggedness.

Shortcut actions with Voice Controls

ViQi Voice Control reduces the time to perform simple radio functions with the touch of a button. It can be used to enable radio operation in low or high noise environments – helping maintain eyes-up situational awareness. The ViQi button allows for quick access to voice controls – enabling first responders to perform actions such as changing zones, channels, checking battery status, and adjusting volume without breaking focus.

Ergonomics designed for Emergency Situations

Exceptional ergonomics, for high-stress situations Large tactile buttons and controls are set in a familiar layout. Easy to grip and easy to operate, yet protected against accidental activation. Six programmable buttons are placed under the touchscreen allowing users to access their most critical presets.

Wearable New antenna technology

Designed with short antennas in mind for ultimate comfort and wearability.

Advanced enhanced audio for loudness and clarity

With strategically positioned HDR microphones, you can speak into either side of the radio and RSM, enhancing intelligibility for both loud and soft inputs while minimizing noise and distortion. This means even in high-stress scenarios where shouting may occur, your transmissions will maintain clarity and coherence.

The specialized speaker ensures not just high volume but also crystal-clear audio, crucial for chaotic situations where every word matters. With enhanced clarity from HDR microphones, the sound emitted by the speaker is notably clearer.

Expanding upon cutting-edge architecture, we introduce our reliable APX Adaptive Audio Engine. This innovative system dynamically adapts to provide optimal audio quality in any setting. Advanced algorithms effectively eliminate unpredictable background noise and wind interference, while multiple microphones accurately capture your voice from all directions. This ensures that speaking into the radio maintains speech clarity without compromise.

With Receive Volume Leveling and Noise Sensing Volume Control, you can keep your focus ahead without needing to adjust the volume manually. Simply set the volume once, and the APX N70 radio will intelligently adjust for both loud and soft voices, as well as changes in ambient noise levels around you. This ensures that you always have the perfect volume for your environment, allowing you to stay engaged without distractions.

Application platform, for advanced capabilities

When you move beyond the limits of your radio system’s coverage, you shouldn’t have to leave your lifeline behind. Whether the demands of a call take you in the depths of a rural area, or providing mutual aid in the neighboring county, SmartConnect ensures your lifeline is always in reach. Automatic switching between P25 and broadband LTE or Wi-Fi maintains voice communications regardless of radio coverage. SmartConnect P25 packet routing preserves your authentication, status, talkgroups and encryption without interruptions or resets.

Transform your radio into a comprehensive multimedia platform. Seamlessly exchange texts, images, videos, and voice notes with your extended team—whether it’s individuals or groups on other radios or smartphones. Require details about an incident? Send a text. Received images from a citizen reporting an incident? Dispatch can effortlessly share them with responders for enhanced readiness. SmartMessaging, tailored for public safety, is integrated directly into the APX N70 home screen for swift, intuitive access, while ensuring content remains securely stored for future reference.

State-of-the-art location routing services transmit your radio’s location data via broadband LTE or Wi-Fi, facilitating quicker updates and heightened efficiency. This also broadens the scope of devices that can be tracked concurrently. SmartLocate employs automatic triangulation of radio locations utilizing nearby cell towers and Wi-Fi access points, ensuring enhanced accuracy in indoor, densely urban, or forested environments.

A secure cloud service enables you to execute database queries through voice commands, facilitating swift access to information and providing rapid, secure, and hands-free intelligence. With ViQi’s expansion, the cloud architecture enables seamless deployment of new capabilities without requiring updates to radio software, ensuring continuous enhancement and adaptability.

In rapidly evolving situations, maintaining situational awareness is crucial for safety and the well-being of others. Access precise location details through a contemporary map interface directly on your radio. Visualize your own location, locate addresses, mark waypoints, and stay informed about the ongoing scenario. Instantly view the positions of fellow units and responders, enabling swift identification of colleagues in need of assistance.

SmartProgramming, combined with RadioCentral, revolutionizes device management by enabling initial programming, software updates, security patches, and radio data collection to be transmitted over LTE. These updates are accessible anytime and anywhere, streamlining the process and accelerating device management.

With LTE-powered SmartProgramming, the traditional bottleneck of updating a vast fleet of radios is eliminated. RadioCentral, our cloud-based programming platform, drastically reduces the time and resources required to provision and update radios. It allows for remote programming of thousands of parameters, ensuring rapid updates and minimizing downtime.

Whether updates are sent over WiFi or LTE, our centralized management system ensures efficient and secure delivery without the need for manual handling of radios. This approach keeps your technology up-to-date and your data secure, with redundancy built-in for added reliability.

With APX NEXT radios, software updates can be seamlessly deployed with zero touch and zero downtime. Whether connected to agency WiFi or over LTE, SmartProgramming ensures automatic installation of software patches, keeping your devices current and operational.


APX N70 Single-band model number: H35UCT9PW8AN

  • Full-Color Touchscreen Display
  • Intuitive hard buttons and controls
  • Single band 7/800 MHz
  • 3,000 Channels
  • Rugged mission-critical touchscreen
  • LMR, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS

Standard Package Includes:

APX N70 Single-Band P25 Smart Radio unit

  • Antenna
  • Battery pack
  • Belt clip or carrying holster
  • User manual and documentation
  • Charger

Frequency Compatibility

The Motorola APX N70 portable two-way radio is compatible with 7/800 MHz operation.

Radio System Compatibility

  • ASTRO 25


  • Digital Trunking: 9600 Baud APCO P25 phase 1
  • FDMA and phase 2 TDMA
  • Digital Conventional: APCO 25
  • Analog Trunking: 3600 Baud SmartNet®,
  • SmartZone®, Omnilink®
  • Analog Conventional: MDC 1200
  • ASTRO® 25 Integrated Voice and Data
  • SmartConnect Multi-net Connectivity1

APX N70 Programming

CPS and/or Radio Management can be used to program N70 radios in the same way as APX Standard radios are programmed. You can also utilize the cloud-based RadioCentral™ tool to program the radios in a more efficient way.

By leveraging SmartProgramming with RadioCentral, radios can be prepared in advance and maintained remotely, significantly reducing update cycles from months to minutes. This relieves technical staff of burdensome maintenance tasks, ensuring critical personnel are equipped and ready for action at all times.

Benefits include:

  • Update anywhere, anytime: Cloud-based programming allows for updates to be delivered to radios regardless of location, utilizing LTE connectivity.
  • Efficient radio management: SmartProgramming enables configuration of radios before they are received, optimizing planning and resource allocation.
  • Enhanced agility: Dynamically reprogram radios to adapt to evolving situations with SmartProgramming, ensuring responsiveness and effectiveness.

Whether you handle the radio programming in-house or you would like our service staff to FCC license, program, optimize, and/or manage your devices, we are here to accommodate your needs and we are happy to help!

Technical Specifications

Motorola APX N70 General Specifications

APX N70 Diagram


Radio with Standard Battery, no Antenna

  • Height: 5.4 in (136 mm)
  • Width: 2.4 in (60 mm)
  • Depth: 1.7 in (44 mm)
  • Weight: 17.4 oz (493 g)

User Interface

  • 3.0” Mission-critical Touchscreen: 360×600 TFT 24-bit Full Color Transflective Display
  • Capacitive Touch Technology: Usable with Gloves Up to 4 mm Thick, Resistant to False Actuation from Fresh or Saltwater, Snow, Ice, Dirt or Grease
  • High-Velocity User Interface: Large Touch Targets, Shallow Menu Hierarchy, Home Screen Information at a Glance,Integrated Applications
  • 1.2” Top Display: 200×112 TFT 18-bit Color Transflective Screen, 1 Line of Icons, 2 Lines of Text, 14 Characters per Line, 2 mm Toughened Glass Lens
  • PTT Button: 1.26 x 0.55 in (32 x 14 mm)
  • 16-position Channel Selector
  • Angled Power/Volume Knob
  • Orange Emergency Button
  • 3 Programmable Side Buttons (1-dot, 2-dot, purple)
  • Concentric 2-position Switch
  • ABC Zone Switch
  • ViQi Button (3-dot)
  • Display On/Off/Home Button
  • 6 Programmable Buttons Under Display

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