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Motorola APX NEXT XN

APX NEXT XN is an All-Band P25 Smart Radio

P25 Operation | All-Band | Ultra Connectivity | Touchscreen

APX NEXT XN is NFPA1802 certified to bring unprecedented durability and mobilized intelligence to a firefighter’s lifeline so you can outperform whatever the day throws at you.

Operate In Uncharted Extremes

You’ve seen tough, but not like this. APX NEXT XN takes toughness to a new level, built to the latest fire standards. Newly added software features enhance fireground safety and post incident review. Ruggedness and safety is bolstered with our leading APX audio in both the radio and XVN500 RSM, for the most intelligible audio in any environment. And when you need to go beyond voice, you are ultra-connected with LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Effortless Usability And Versatility

APX NEXT XN is designed for effortless usability in day-to-day operations and when everything is on the line. Oversized intuitive controls are glove friendly and minimized from accidental activations. When you need more data, the mission-critical touchscreen works in rain, heat, dust, and dirt. ViQi understands a range of commands, so you can operate your radio with eyes-up awareness. Every interaction is simple, fast, and logical. You stay focused on what matters—your call, your crew, and your safety.

Expandable Intelligence For Today And Beyond

The nature of the incidents you call on can change rapidly, just like your needs for new technology. APX NEXT XN offers a secure extensible platform for new capabilities to be added as your needs evolve. Smart applications keep you connected when you go beyond system coverage and put intelligence into your hands with vital information, from location details to sharing important multimedia for enhanced collaboration with your crew. Because when you need information, you need it fast.

Provision And Optimize Fleet Management

Behind each of your firefighters stands a team—from technicians to IT staff to network engineers— working to keep them safe. APX NEXT XN gives you back time. With our RadioCentral suite you can keep radios in the field with remote updates and get insights to fleet optimization with radio analytics. We offer a range of device services to help optimize and maintain your fleet, ensuring you always get the most out of your investment. With APX NEXT XN, the ownership experience is streamlined, and your firefighters stay focused and ready.

Motorola APX NEXT XN

Feature Highlights

  • Engineered for the Fire market
  • NFPA 1802 certified
  • Globe friendly ergonomics for emergency situations
  • Added field intelligence with Applications
  • All-weather rugged touchscreen for mission-critical use
  • Connect with P25, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS for ultra-connectivity
  • Louder, clearer voice with enhanced audio
  • Up to 11 hrs battery life
  • IP68 water immersion certified
  • ViQi Voice Control for enhanced situational awareness

Navigate uncharted extremes with confidence

Experience a new standard of durability with the APX NEXT XN, compliant with NFPA 1802 regulations. This rugged device surpasses previous benchmarks, fortified with enhanced software features that elevate fireground safety and streamline post-incident reviews. Benefit from unparalleled ruggedness and safety features, including our industry-leading APX audio technology integrated within the radio and XVN500 Remote Speaker Microphone, ensuring crystal-clear communication in any environment.

Streamlined for seamless operation and unparalleled versatility

The APX NEXT XN is meticulously crafted to excel in both routine tasks and high-pressure scenarios. Featuring oversized intuitive controls designed to accommodate gloved hands and prevent inadvertent activations, this device ensures effortless usability when every second counts. Its mission-critical touchscreen is engineered to withstand harsh conditions, including rain, heat, dust, and dirt, providing access to vital data even in the most challenging environments. With ViQi’s advanced voice recognition capabilities, you can navigate a wide range of commands hands-free, allowing for eyes-up awareness and uninterrupted focus on your mission, your team, and your safety. Every interaction with the APX NEXT XN is intuitively designed, lightning-fast, and logically structured, empowering you to stay laser-focused on what truly matters in the field.

Unleash the power of adaptable intelligence

Designed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. As the dynamics of incidents evolve swiftly, so do your requirements for cutting-edge technology. With APX NEXT XN, you gain access to a secure and expandable platform, allowing seamless integration of new capabilities as your operational needs progress. Smart applications ensure connectivity even in areas beyond system coverage, while putting critical information directly into your hands. From precise location details to seamless multimedia sharing, these intelligent tools foster enhanced collaboration with your crew, ensuring rapid access to essential information when every moment counts. Because in the heat of the moment, timely information is paramount.


APX Next XN model numbers:

  • All-band Model Number H55TGU9PW8AN
  • Single-band Model Number H45TGU9PW8AN

Standard Package Includes:

  • APX Next XN P25 Smart Radio unit
  • Antenna
  • Battery pack
  • Belt clip or carrying holster
  • User manual and documentation
  • Charger

Frequency Compatibility

Available in Multi-Band and Single-Band Configurations:

  • VHF
  • UHF Range 1
  • UHF Range 2
  • 700 and 800 MHz Bands
  • Up to 3000 Channels
  • Up to 125 Zones

Radio System Compatibility

  • ASTRO 25

Operation modes:

  • Digital Trunking: 9600 Baud APCO P25 phase 1 FDMA and phase 2 TDMA
  • Digital Conventional: APCO 25
  • Analog Trunking: 3600 Baud SmartNet®, SmartZone®, Omnilink®
  • Analog Conventional: MDC 1200
  • ASTRO® 25 Integrated Voice and Data
  • SmartConnect via W-iFi

Smart Applications

The APX Next XN is a Smart Radio because it’s loaded with a plethora of Smart Applications  – SmartMessaging, SmartLocate, SmartMapping, SmartConnect, and ViQi Virtual Partner. This suite of advanced software features extend the capabilities of the device, enhancing its utility for public safety professionals. These Smart applications are designed to streamline operations, improve situational awareness, and provide innovative tools for first responders.

This feature leverages cellular broadband technology to enable first responders to connect back to their P25 radio system even when they are outside of P25 coverage. SmartConnect maintains a P25 voice and data communications by automatically switching between P25 and broadband for uninterrupted communication.

It’s a secure and convenient way to share text, images, videos and voice notes across an extended team. If an officer needs to stay quiet or needs information about a call, they can send a message directly from the radio without having to speak aloud. If they need to recognize the suspect or visuals of a structure fire, dispatch can send an image. It’s all quickly and easily accessible via the touchscreen interface, using the on-screen virtual keyboard. With everything securely stored for future reference.

SmartLocate and SmartMapping:
First responders can’t lose track of the big picture: their safety depends on it. But in the heat of an incident, it’s easy to get disoriented or lose sight of the team. That’s where SmartLocate and SmartMapping can help. SmartLocate delivers officers GPS location information every few seconds for accurate tracking. From simple location to detailed situational awareness, SmartMapping is essential for mission critical operations. First responders can switch between street map, terrain, and satellite views for details of their surroundings. They can see the position of other personnel or vehicles arriving on scene – or even locate a fellow first responder in distress. And enabling easy communication with nearby officers is made simple by tapping the map to send an alert or voice call.

ViQi Virtual Assistant:
With ViQi’s assistance, it’s faster and easier for first responders to run routine database queries. Dispatchers can focus on responding to the most critical situations. ViQi’s job is to give first responders rapid responses to keep them safe and effective, all while keeping their eyes focused on the mission at hand.

Combining SmartProgramming with RadioCentral allows radios to be prepared before they arrive and kept up-to-date remotely with zero touch and zero downtime. This integration streamlines the programming process and ensures that your radio fleet can be updated at a moment’s notice.

APX Next XN Programming

Efficient Batch Programming for Radio Fleet Management
Managing a large fleet of radios can be challenging, but with our efficient batch programming solutions, it becomes seamless. Whether you’re making field changes or updates, leverage RadioCentral or Radio Management for centralized fleet control. Our experts facilitate your transition from CPS to advanced software platforms, supporting cable, Wi-Fi, or LTE SmartProgramming methods. With robust support services, we ensure your fleet is optimized for superior communications management.

SmartProgramming for Seamless Updates and Security
Enhance your radio fleet management with SmartProgramming via RadioCentral, leveraging LTE for swift programming, software updates, and data collection. Enjoy anytime, anywhere updates with LTE’s enhanced bandwidth and coverage, ensuring your radios are always up-to-date.

Transform your radio fleet management with our comprehensive solutions tailored to your operational needs. Whether you handle the radio programming in-house or you would like our services to file for an FCC license, program radios, optimize codeplugs, and/or manage your devices, we are here to accommodate your needs and we are happy to help!

APX Next Managed and Support Services

Reliable Support Services for Peak Performance

Achieve your performance targets with our tailored service levels for systems, devices, and applications. We offer comprehensive managed and support services, including:

  • Device Programming: Efficient batch programming and centralized management reduce provisioning time.
  • MyView: Gain transparent fleet status and service delivery insights for informed decision-making.
  • Technical Support: Certified engineers provide prompt resolutions, on-site or remotely.
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance: Ensure continuous security and performance with certified software updates and protection from wear and tear.
  • Accidental Damage Protection: Safeguard radios against unexpected failures with state-of-the-art diagnostics and rapid repair services.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Extend radio life and minimize repair costs with annual maintenance checks.

Technical Specifications

Motorola APX Next XN General Specifications

APX NEXT XN Technical
Motorola APX NEXT XN


Radio with Standard Battery, no Antenna

  • Height: 7 in (178 mm)
  • Width: 2.5 in (63 mm)
  • Depth: 2.1 in (54 mm)
  • Weight: 24 oz (680 g)

User Interface

  • 3.6” Mission-critical Touchscreen: 800×480 TFT 24-bit Full Color Transflective Display, 1 mm Toughened Glass Lens Capacitive Touch Technology: Usable with Gloves Up to 4 mm Thick, Resistant to False Actuation from Fresh or Salt Water, Snow, Ice, Dirt or Grease
  • High Velocity User Interface: Large Touch Targets, Shallow Menu Hierarchy, Home Screen Information at a Glance, Integrated Applications 1.2” Top Display: 200×112 TFT 18-bit Color Transflective Screen, 1 Line of Icons, 2 Lines of Text, 14 Characters per Line, 2 mm Toughened Glass Lens
  • PTT Button: 1.50 x 0.67 in (38 x 17 mm) Large 16-position Channel Selector Large Angled
  • Power/Volume Knob Large Orange Emergency Button
  • 3 Programmable Side Buttons (1-dot, 2-dot, purple) Concentric 2-position Switch
  • ABC Zone Switch ViQi Button (3-dot)
  • Display On/Off/Home Button


  • 256-bit AES Software Encryption1
  • Single-key ADP encryption
  • Software Key
  • P25 Authentication1
  • Multikey for 48 keys and Multi-algorithm

Audio Features

  • 3 W Speaker with Adaptive Equalization
  • 2 Internal HDR Microphones
  • Adaptive Dual-sided Operation
  • Adaptive Noise Suppression Intensity
  • Adaptive Gain Control
  • Adaptive Windporting
  • IMPRES™ Audio Accessory Compatibility

Public Safety

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