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11 Top Features of the Motorola R7 Series Two-Way Radio

Motorola Solutions recently launched the MOTOTRBO R7, a DMR portable radio that is designed to be more rugged and deliver better audio quality than the MOTOTRBO XPR 7000e series that it eventually will replace in the company’s product portfolio.

If you’re looking for a two-way radio solution for your team, you may want to learn more about considering the Motorola R7 series. In this article, we’ll review the top features of the MOTOTRBO R7 series. Finally, you can decide if this portable two-way radio series is right for you and improve communications with your team. Read on to learn more.

1. Effective Audio Communications

One of the biggest benefits you get from using portable two-way radios is effective audio communications, and this is certainly the case when it comes to the Motorola R7 series. You can get in touch with your team immediately instead of having to send an email or call them.

This will speed up your communications with your team, which can be especially helpful in a commercial industry like healthcare, hospitality and entertainment, or construction. Additionally, the audio communications are of high quality. This is thanks to the new speaker that’s powerful, making it possible for those using walkie-talkies from the Motorola R7 series to make clear calls.

This speaker is so powerful that its loudness is the same as the loudness of more than 100 phons, which is four times as loud as someone having a conversation while shouting. This way, you can be sure that important messages come through. Additionally, for environments that are extremely noisy, you have the option of using the extra loud profile. This profile makes the walkie-talkie as loud as 107 phons, which is equivalent to four times as loud as a motorcycle that’s at close range.

Additional Audio Features

In addition to the impressive audio you get with its powerful speaker, the Motorola R7 series walkie-talkies have additional audio features. One of these is the Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression, which makes it possible for your team members to hear each other closely.

This can occur even when they’re in an environment where there are loud noises.

Another additional feature is the Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression. This makes it possible for the feedback of other radios to be suppressed when your team is using their walkie-talkies.

As a result, they’ll be able to hear each other more clearly so that messages are transmitted. This is especially important if they’re working harsh environments.

Finally, there’s the Intelligent Audio feature. This feature will monitor the background noise of the environment where your team is working, adjusting the volume of the speaker automatically.

This way, the calls that you and your team make will be more likely to be at the right volume, whatever the background noise of the environment where the calls are being made.

2. A Long Range

When you purchase a MOTOTBRO R7 portable two-way radio, one of the features you get is a long range of a maximum of 30 miles. As a result, you’ll be able to communicate with your team from quite a distance. Additionally, if they’re spread across miles, they can still communicate with each other with the right system.

If you’re in the construction industry, it’s important to note that this feature can be especially useful across a large construction site.  The MOTOTRBO R7 device will appeal to users in multiple enterprise sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, large campuses and stadiums, education, hospitality and healthcare.

3. Durable Design

One of the Motorola R7 features is its durable design, which is another benefit in certain industries, such as construction. This walkie-talkie has been tested so that it meets military standards. The R7 VHF and R7 UHF, before going to market, have to go through the simulation of five hard service years.

Even the screen is durable. It’s impact resistance, being able to withstand being dropped onto concrete multiple times. Additionally, it’s been built so that it can withstand the elements.

Another important aspect of its durable design is that the R7 walkie-talkie is the first, out of two-way radios, to be chemical resistant. This can be useful if you’re working in the medical industry or with hazardous materials.

The durable design means that the digital two-way radio will be able to last longer and withstand impact better, making your investment more worthwhile. The rugged design of the radio is ideal for use on the manufacturing floor, because it stands up to dust, spills, drops and the wear-and-tear of everyday use.

The Motorola R7 has both an IP66 and IP68 rating, where the XPR 7000 was just IP68. IP 66 brings in the ability to withstand water jet sprays, like from a burst pipe or a hose.

4. Easy to Use and Simple Design

The last thing you want is for the digital two-way radios you get for your team to make communications more complicated. This is why the Motorola R7’s design, which is easy to use and simple, is such a beneficial feature.

If your team is new to using two-way radios at work, this will streamline the process of them starting to use them.

5. 16 Channels (And Two Programmable Buttons)

When you have a walkie-talkie solution you use for business, multiple channels make it easier for you to have a variety of conversations with different teams at once. For this reason, the fact that the MOTOTRBO R7 has 16 channels will make communication with your team even more streamlined and efficient.

Additionally, the Motorola R7 series offers two programmable buttons. Specifically, you can program them so that you can access the features you use the most.

As a result, you’ll be able to quickly press them and complete the task you need to do faster. As a result, you’ll get the benefit of being able to focus on your business instead of spending time figuring out how to communicate different tasks.

6. Bluetooth Connectivity

Another top feature of Motorola R7 series is its Bluetooth connectivity. If you’re in a high-stress situation at work, this might make all the difference in simplifying things for you, making it possible for you to communicate directly wearing your Bluetooth earpiece instead of having to pick up your walkie-talkie.

Additionally, if the members of your team are often doing something with their hands at work, having to hold onto a walkie-talkie could potentially slow them down in completing their tasks.

With the Bluetooth connectivity feature, they can simply use the earpiece and focus on these tasks. This can be useful in many industries such as construction, hospitality, entertainment, and healthcare.

7. Customizable Audio

The audio of the Motorola R7 walkie-talkie is also customizable. This further simplifies communication with your team and also makes it easier for them to use the walkie-talkie in a way that best helps them accomplish their tasks on the job. You are able to customize your audio settings to your selected preference. Employees working with heavy machinery can hear the MOTOTRBO R7 voice communications loud and clear without leaving their stations or stopping the production line.

8. Long Battery Life

However good the walkie-talkies your team is using, if they have a short battery life, your team members will be limited by this. Fortunately, the MOTOTRBO R7 series walkie-talkies have a long battery life, making it possible for your team to be connected over a long period.

The amount of time that the battery lasts is 28 hours, ensuring that your team members will be able to keep using their walkie-talkies throughout their day shifts.

Additionally, the battery is thin. This makes the overall design of the walkie-talkie thinner, making it easier to wear and hold.

9. Call Playback Feature

If you’re in an industry where the detail of the messages you send is incredibly important, your team will benefit from the call playback feature of MOTOTRBO R7 walkie-talkies. So if someone misses a call, they’ll be able to hear the message they missed.

Whether it’s getting the right details for the layout of a table at an event or the steps for completing a construction task safely, this can be an incredibly useful feature in many industries.

10. Wi-Fi Feature

Another top feature of the Motorola R7 features is the wi-fi feature. This improves the ability of the people on your team to communicate since they’ll be able to connect to Wi-Fi if they come across any areas where they don’t have radio reception.

11. Remote Software Upgrade Capacity

Because of the aforementioned wi-fi feature, you’ll be able to complete software upgrades remotely to your Motorola R7 walkie-talkies. If it’s time for an upgrade after your team has grown or you’ve started using your walkie-talkies for more, this makes that transition easier.

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