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Visible Firearm Detection

Visible Firearm Detection

Detect, Verify and Act in Seconds

In an active shooter situation, every second matters. Introducing Avigilon’s Visible Firearm Detection (VFD) – your first line of defense against active shooter threats. Now available to be deployed in the United States. VFD can quickly help detect suspects with drawn firearms before they enter the premises, giving you the critical time to respond.

Video Analytics That Learn and Improve Automatically

When an armed suspect enters a university, place of worship, hospital or a public or private space, it requires immediate action to ensure the safety and well-being of all as every second matters. Avigilon’s Visible Firearm Detection (VFD) analytics helps reduce security threats by detecting people with drawn firearms. Using cloud-enhanced AI analytics, VFD detects brandished firearms and alerts operators for verification and action. Streamline responses by integrating VFD with Motorola Solutions’ ecosystem such as Avigilon Decision Management System (DMS), Rave Collaborate and Orchestrate.

Top three reasons to choose VFD:

  1. Powerful AI proactively helps to detect brandished firearms and alerts operators for immediate verification and action.
  2. Integrate with Motorola Solutions’ technology ecosystem to enable quick responses during emergencies.
  3. Reduce false alerts with an additional layer of verification by an operator to ensure that any false alerts are evaluated and dismissed.


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Solving for safer

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Motorola Solutions’ Safe Integrated Ecosystem allows you to address everyday concerns as well as emerging situations through the four pillars — Detect, Analyze, Communicate and Respond.