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CommandCentral Integration

WAVE PTX Integration With CommandCentral Aware Enterprise

Add Data Integration to Voice Interoperability to Enhance Operational Awareness

With CommanCentral Aware Enterprise, you can access location, presence and other data for both MOTORBO and WAVE PTX devices. From one map display, you can track location and status of all personnel, regardless of location, network or device. You can also set the reporting cadence and get alerts to emergencies. The net result is improved visibility into field operations and accelerated time to “x” – awareness, decision and response.

See MOTOTRBO and WAVE PTX Device Locations on Single Map

  • Customize map views with GIS Datasets, Esri, Google, KML, AccuWeather, traffic and indoor floor plans.
  • Set rules for map display and automate actions.

Track Device Locations in Real-Time, Set Reporting Cadence, Get Alerts to Emergencies

  • Customize the display to show layers and/or responsibility, users by department or function.
  • View the 90-day history of device locations, including breadcrumbed routes.
  • Draw geofences for alerts when devices enter or leave defined areas.

Requires deployment of Edge Node gateway in MOTOTRBO network

Nationwide Push-To-Talk Coverage

Get instant, reliable nationwide PTT two-way radio coverage on the nation’s largest cellular network.